We are regarded as industry leaders in IT strategy and solutions, focused solely on delivering great user experiences.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

LST is dedicated to providing the latest Technology Solutions to IT users throughout Alabama and the surrounding Southeastern Region. We encompass an unmatched dedication to the “Service Element” for the benefit of our Customers’ “Long Term Success”.

LST was founded in November of 1991, by the Lee family. Jim Lee the patriarch of the family and father of four boys (Scott, Greg, John Tim), formed Learning Systems Unlimited in the early 1970s, an educational distribution company that sold educational products, textbooks and encyclopedias throughout the southeastern United States. By the late 80s, Jim had built a sales team that included over 60 Encyclopedia door-to-door sales people, including all 4 sons, at one time or another. During that period the eldest son Scott, had completed his education at the University of Alabama with a Major in Accounting and a double minor in Mathematics and Computer Science, and a MBA at Duke University. While in North Carolina, Scott oversaw the installation of the 1st IBM AS400 installed in that state for a Ford Franchise in Durham, NC.

In the late 80s and early 1990 Jim’s sales staff had started to experience reluctance from potential customers, because of the customer’s anticipation to purchase the encyclopedias on CD with a personal computer. Jim’s company was a distributor for Grolier, Inc. (Publisher of one of the first Encyclopedia on CD) and with his foresight, saw the business opportunity. Jim contacted Scott (working for an investment firm in Atlanta at the time) to present to him the idea of building Personal Computers and having the door to door representatives sale directly in the home a package of PC plus Encyclopedia on CD, as they had for years with the printed material products. The first year in 92 saw sales exceed $256,000 and even more impressive was a sales closing rate of over 66% (versus 28% with printed material). Thus was formation of Learning Systems Technologies, now known as “LST”. The company grew dramatically over the first 4 years with Sales of 1+ Million in 93, 2+ Million in 94, 4+ Million in 95, and then plateauing in 99 and 2000 at 10+ Million. Success was maintained from 2001 through 2010, but with the move of Scott to IBEC in 2003 and the loss of our brother Tim in 2010, many outside factors deflected attention from our Corporate Goals. In August of 2012 the assets of LST were acquired by Lee Investment Consultants, LLC including the Brand, customer base and key employees.

The LST brand; now under the New Management of Lee Investment Consultants, LLC has re-focused LST on its core of Customers’ “Long Term Success” with LST PCs, expertise of Cisco, and Microsoft, while injecting needed technological energy with an introduction of IP surveillance and security. LST has focused on industry leaders ONSSI software and Sony Camera Products in its Security lineup.

Over the life of LST, we have contributed in excess of $1,000,000.00 of charitable products and services to the schools of Alabama in our efforts to say “Thank You”, and we plan to take the success of our first 22 Years to new heights over the next many years with our continued focus of Customer Service.

Our Commitment

From inception, LST has always focused on “Long Term Success” to provide the very best user experiences in the industry. In addition to that, we pride ourselves on being an easy company to deal with that provides solutions that are intuitive, highly functional, and simple to use.

Our solutions are also built with the sort of wide range of functionality that takes care of current needs, as well as ones far into the future. We have established a new standard for delivering your IT solutions and through strategic Partnerships, like Cisco, Microsoft, ONSSI, Sony and others we provide a “Best of Breed” IT solution. Our best of breed components provide seamless interconnectivity for a limitless array of IT needs.

Whoever you may be in the IT process and wherever you are, whether stationary or mobile, we provide the very best IT products and solutions directly to you, with the ability to combine multiple network needs into a single solution. Our long list of superb technology and channel partners reflects our philosophy of excellence and commitment to our end users as our greatest resources, and whose trust in us and our solutions is key to our success.

We will always remain committed to going beyond the limits of the current industry paradigm to continually reinvent and improve our “Long Term Success” process.